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When The Art Needs To Come Off

I am a regular, fun-loving man from Canada. I believe, tattoos are an extension of one’s personality. They are also an expression of the hidden desires and at times, the alter ego of a person. Therefore, when I decided to have a tattoo, it wasn’t just body art for me, but a message that I wished to convey through it. I had first got inked when I was just 20—young and restless. I was racing against time and anything conventional was not for me, I thought. Therefore, a Devil’s face was the perfect message that I wished to send out to people, through a tattoo on my body. For many months to come, I was really proud of the Devil, sitting angrily on my forearm. But, then as I grew older, my thoughts changed. And now, at the age of 30, I am a different person altogether. I am no more a Devil’s advocate. And this tattoo is now an eyesore for me. I want to get rid of it, so I had to find the best tattoo removal company in Edmonton.

I think, many people go through similar situations. Reasons may be different, but it’s not necessary that the tattoo I once loved so much will always makebefore-after-little-devil sense to me. Therefore, I Google searched ‘tattoo removal Edmonton’. When I came to know that there was a company in my neighborhood of Edmonton, AB, Canada, I couldn’t be more pleased.

With laser techniques, now getting rid of a tattoo is like a rescue mission for many like me. I know of a friend, who regretted a tattoo so much that he cried over it day and night. Actually, he had got his girlfriend’s name inked on his chest, only to break up months later. He was about to get married to another girl and his wife-to-be warned him to remove the tattoo or forget her. Thankfully, he could get it removed within hours.

When I walked into the tattoo removal clinic, I was explained the procedure. Through laser technique, the ink particles are broken and brought to the outside of the skin cells. When the ink particles are on the outer surface of the skin, the immune system of our body recognizes tattoo ink as a foreign object and eventually eliminates through our lymphatic system over a period of time. As against the popular belief that laser removal of the tattoo doesn’t hurt a lot, all I felt was a sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin over and over at a rapid pace. It even made a sounds like that. But maybe I’m just super strong because I’ve heard many many horror stories about the pain!

I walked out of Tattoo Removal Edmonton as a new me and hope to get it completely removed before I find something else interesting to get inked!

I thought I’d share this cool video. It’s a diary of a guy who is removing his tattoos. Of course I saw this and thought, man I should have done a video myself! But, since I didn’t, I thought I’d share this one 🙂 This guy does talk about how painful it is regularly throughout the video, so maybe it`s just me that didn’t think it was that bad?